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Warsaw, Poland, special session at XXXV WCA
-     Brief information
Cologne/Virtual. Chair: Walger M., Sharma M., Purdy S.
  Book of abstracts
2019 Sydney, Australia. Chair: Sharma M., Cowan R., Bardy F.
  Book of abstracts
  Meeting summary by Robert Burkard
2018 Cape Town, South Africa - special session at the XXXIV WCA.
-     Brief information
2017 Warsaw, Poland. Chair: Skarzynski H., Kochanek K.
-     Website
  Book of abstracts
  Meeting summary by Robert Burkard
2016 Vancouver, Canada - special session at the XXXIII WCA.
  brief information
2015 Busan, Korea. Chair: Kim, L-S., and Lee, J.H.
  Book of abstracts
  Report from the meeting
  Meeting summary by Robert Burkard
2014 Brisbane, Australia - special session at the XXXII WCA.
   brief information
2013 New Orleans, LA U.S.A. Chair: Fowler, C.F. and Cone, B.
   book of abstracts,  Report from the meeting
2011 Moscow, Russia. Chair: Tavartkiladze, G.
  book of abstracts,   Report from the meeting
2009 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Chair: Chapchap, M.J.
  book of abstracts
2007 Bled, Slovenia. Chair: Butinar, D.
  book of abstracts
2005 Havana, Cuba. Chair: Perez-Abalo, M.C.
2003 Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain. Chair: Barajas de Prat, J.J.
2001 Vancouver, BC Canada. Chair: Stapells, D.R.
1999 Tromso, Norway. Chair: Laukli, E.
1997 Memphis, TN U.S.A. Chair: Gould, H.J. and Mendel, M.I.
1995 Lyon, France. Chair: Collet, L. and Durrant, J.D.; Morgon, A. honorary
1993 Park City, UT U.S.A. Chair: McPherson, D.L.
1991 Terme Di Comano (Trento), Italy. Chair: Colletti, V. and Vidi, I.; Galioto, G. and Ricci, V. honorary
1989 Tokyo, Japan. Chair: Funasaka, S.; Suzuki, T. honorary
1987 Charlottesville, VA U.S.A. Chair: Ruth, R.A. and Durrant, J.D.
1985 Erlangen, Germany. Chair: Finkenzeller, P. and Spreng, M.; Keidel, W.D. honorary
1983 Ottawa, ON Canada. Chair: Picton, T.W.
1981 Bergamo, Italy. Chair: Antonelli, A.R. and Baroni, A
1979 CA U.S.A. Chair: Gerber, S.E. and Mendel, M.I., Santa B.
1977 Jerusalem, Israel. Chair: Sohmer, H.
1975 London, United Kingdom. Chair: Beagley, H.A.
1973 Bordeaux, France
1971 Vienna, Austria
1970 Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany (No. 1)


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