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Suzanne C. Purdy Chair New Zealand
Andy Beynon Vice Chair Netherlands
Andrew Dimitrijevic Treasurer Canada
Martin Walger Secretary Germany
David McPherson Membership Secretary USA & Canada
W. Wiktor Jedrzejczak Website Manager Poland


Jose Barajas Spain
Steven Bell United Kingdom
Robert Burkard USA
Monica Chapchap Brazil
Barbara Cone USA
Robert Cowan Australia
Cynthia G. Fowler USA
Ferdinando Grandori Italy
Kaoru Ogawa Japan, Japan & Orient
Krzysztof Kochanek Poland
Jun Ho Lee Korea
Guy Lightfoot United Kingdom
Maria C. Perez-Abalo USA
David Purcell Canada
Mridula Sharma Australia
George A. Tavartkiladze Russia, Russia & Eastern Europe


IERASG Council at the 2019 Meeting in Sydney


Past Council Members

Antonelli, A. R.   Italy
Aran, Jean-Marie  treasurer  France
Arlinger, Stig   Sweden
Beagley, H. A.   United Kingdom
Bochenek, Z.   Poland
Burian, K.,   Austria
Butinar, Dusan,   Slovenia
Collet, Lionel   France
Davis, Hallowell chair emeritus; chair U.S.A
Don, Manuel treasurer emeritus, treasurer USA
Durrant, John D.  chair emeritus; chair USA
Eggermont, Jos J.   Netherlands
Einar Laukli   Norway
Finkenzeller, O. Peter   Germany
Funasaka, Sotaro   Japan
Gestring, Gideon. F. secretary USA
Gould, Herbert Jay USA   USA
Hoke, Manfried (Marc) newsletter editor; treasurer Germany
Pytel, Joseph   Hungary
Laukli, Einar   Norway
Lee-Suk Kim   Korea
Keidel, Wolfe* D.   Germany
Khechinashvili, S.   Russia
Mendel, Maurice I.   USA
Mounier-Kuhn, P. L.   France
van Olphen, A.F.   Netherlands
Ozdamar, Ozcan   USA
Picton, Terrence W. chair Canada
Ruth, Roger A. secretary USA
Portmann, Michael newsletter editor France
Pratt, Hillel,    Israel
Salomon, Gerhard chair Denmark
Sininger, Yvonne S.   USA
Small, Susan treasurer Canada
Sohmer, Haim   Israel
Stapells, David R.   Canada
Suzuki, T.   Japan
Thornton, A. Roger D. chair emeritus; chair United Kingdom




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